Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.



Our Staff

Head of School

Ms M Smailes

Deputy Headteacher

Miss A Powell

Inclusion Leader and Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Smith

Assistant Headteacher and Phase Leader of Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2

Mrs K Twine

Assistant Headteacher and Phase Leader of Year 3 and Year 4

Mr T Newling

Assistant Headteacher and Phase Leader of Year 5 and Year 6

Miss S Vaughan
















 Mrs M Bassett

Mrs J Maitland

Miss Ayers

Mrs J Priest

Mr Brady

Miss N Lawrence

Mrs D Bearham

Mr P Wotton

Miss H Buck

Miss S Moosa

Mrs S Brackpool


Miss T Bunyard

Miss T Moyo


Mrs C Case

Mrs K Munson

Mrs M Adsett

Mrs H Kirby

Miss S Chadwick

Mr T Newling

Mrs A Arkinstall

Miss A Leggett

Ms J Colthup

Miss E Nicholson

Mrs J Bacon

Mrs L Leggett

Mr R Cumpstey

Mrs R Perrott

Mrs W Batchelor

Mrs K Palzeaird

Mr M Davies

Miss M Poncia

Mrs J Charlton

Mrs K Perry

Miss K Gunn

Miss V Soro

Miss Chittenden

Mrs J Rowsell

Mrs K Hicks

Mrs K Twine

Mrs A Dix

Miss L Smith

Miss H Ingate

Miss S Vaughan

Miss C Donnelly

Mrs Stabler-Gaston

Miss S Lasham


Miss M Feary

Mrs K Themeli


Miss J Hopkins

Mrs D Whittle

Mrs L Smith

Mrs J Rowsell

Mrs S King


Mrs S Brackpool

Mr R Cumpstey



Mrs M Young Mrs K Perry



Mrs H Kirby Mr R Cumpstey



Mrs K Palzeaird Mrs J Charlton

Administrative and Support Roles

School Office Manager

Mrs C Wilson

School Office Team

Mrs D Flint, Mrs K Berry, Mrs T Bailey

Premises Officer

Mr K Chambers

Gardener and Relief Premises

MrM Butler

Welfare Officer

Mrs M Jephson